Project Description

Changes in general lifestyle are increasingly a cause of poor posture. More people are experiencing daily aches and pains mainly in the back, shoulders and neck. These can be caused by long periods of inactivity or sitting in fixed positions, such as being at a desk all day or driving for many hours.

During these activities we are often in a poor or incorrect posture which exacerbates the discomfort that we are feeling.
Sports massage/deep tissue massage will help you to regain flexibility in both the muscles and joints. It helps in breaking down scar tissue and regaining tone. This increase in flexibility eases discomfort and there is less chance of tissue damage.

We can discuss lifestyle patterns with you to find the activities causing the problems and find ways to help you resolve the cause.
A lot of people working at a desk also experience tension headaches. These are usually located in the base of the skull, top of the neck and the temples. They are particularly caused by tension in the muscles holding the neck becoming strained as the neck is in an unnatural position. Sports massage/deep tissue massage is especially effective in easing theses muscles, and with recommended changes in posture and exercises to maintain flexibility, these types of headaches can be resolved.

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