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The menopause can cause a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms.
The start of the menopause is known as the perimenopausal stage. The main symptom that people associate with it is usually a change in the pattern of your monthly periods. During this time, you may have light or heavy periods.
The frequency of your periods may also be affected. You may have a period every two to three weeks, or you may have a gap of several months.

Other menopausal symptoms include:
• hot flushes and night sweats
• loss of libido (sexual desire)
• vaginal dryness and pain, itching or discomfort during sex
• palpitations (changes in heart rate)
• headaches
• mood changes, such as depression, anxiety or tiredness
• sleeping problems, such as insomnia
• urinary tract infections

If you experience the menopause suddenly, your symptoms may be worse. Symptoms usually last for two to five years before disappearing, although in some cases they can last longer.

Women can experience some, or all of these symptoms in varying intensity.

Our herbal medicine treatments can help to manage these symptoms, therefore reducing their impact on your daily life.

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