Project Description

Massage in pregnancy

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body. Some of which can cause discomfort.

Deep tissue massage for the second trimester can help to manage and ease these symptoms making pregnancy more comfortable.

Deep tissue massage is especially effective in helping fluid accumulation (especially in the legs). It also helps ease lower back and buttock pain (including pirifomis syndrome, a sciatica-like pain) and neck and shoulder discomfort.

Post-natal massage

Many women suffer from shoulder and backache when breast feeding. This is because this is not a normal position that we maintain in daily life. Therefore the muscles don’t have the stamina they need. They then get tired, tight and overstrained, causing aches and pains. Massage can help relieve this tightness preventing overstrain, and easing discomfort.

We can also help to recommend changes in position and exercises that could help.

Massage can also help to regain muscle tone that was lost in pregnancy.

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