Deep tissue and sports Massage

Sports massage- For the active sportsperson (runners, triatheletes, footballers etc)

- For people suffering from the effects of poor posture from sitting long hours at computer,etc

Prevention of injury: By maintaining flexibility in the muscles and breaking down and scar tissue present, athletes are less likely to be injured via a strain when training/ racing  or develop an RSI.
Massage can also help to identify areas of tension before they develop into a problem. This allows athletes to prevent injuries. We can advise on technique changes, exercises and stretches to deal with arising issues.
Improved performance: Treatments pre and post events help to prepare the body allowing it to perform at its optimum and also speeding up the recovery time after.
We can advise on common injuries including, Illiotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, tennis and golfers elbow rotator cuffs injuries. Sports Massage is a deeply relaxing and remedial form of deep tissue massage. Using a variety of deep tissue techniques, manipulations, and trigger points to treat short and long term musculoskeletal injuries and postural problems. This therapy can also help with everyday aches and pains.

Following an initial consultation in which a detailed case history is carried out, examination of the client's posture and movement range is assessed as appropriate. Further tests include muscular strength tests and neurological examinations where required.

We will create an individual treatment plan that includes condition specific massage, stretches and other forms of exercise to ensure that the client receives the maximum benefits of treatments.

Due to many changes in the modern lifestyle there an increasing number of people experiencing daily aches and pains, mainly in the back shoulders and neck. These are mainly caused by long periods of inactivity/periods in fixed positions such as being seated at a desk all day or in a car for multiple hours. Usually when we are doing this we are also in a poor/ incorrect posture which also exacerbates the discomfort that we are feeling.
Sports massage/deep tissue massage will help you to regain flexibility in both the muscles and joints. The deep tissue techniques breaking down scar tissue and regaining tone. This increase in flexibility means that the discomfort eases and there is less chance of tissue damage.
We can discuss lifestyle patterns with you to find the activities causing the problems and find better ways/positions so that the cause can be resolved.
Within this a lot of people working at a desk also experience tensionh eadaches. These are usually located in the base of the skull, top of the neck and around into the temples. They are particularly caused by tension in the muscles holding the neck becoming strained as the neck is in an unnatural position. Sports massage/deep tissue massage is especially effective in easing theses muscles and as stated above with recommended changes in posture and exercises to maintain flexibility, these types of headaches can be resolved.


Initial Consultation and treatment £40 for 1.5 hours

Follow up treatments £40 for 1 hour

Please note that we can only accept cash or cheques.


Please allow 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel a treatment otherwise you will be invoiced for the fee. This also applies to non-attendance.